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WSIA’s license is issued to and held by the College of Staten Island. As such, the College maintains legal control over the radio station. The College does this through the Office of Student Life, which employs WSIA’s full-time General Manager. Actual planning and day-to-day operations are carried out by the student Board of Directors in cooperation with the General Manager. The General Manager oversees the operation on behalf of the College to ensure conformity with both College and FCC rules and regulations. The College community has input on radio station operations through the Radio Station Advisory Board, which meets periodically to discuss and evaluate issues of concern for WSIA. The Radio Station Advisory Board consists of the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Director of Student Life, the College attorney, two faculty members, a representative of the CSI Association, the President of Student Government, and two students elected from the WSIA staff. The General Manager acts as a resource to the Board. Funding for WSIA comes from the Student Activity Fee collected from every registered student. WSIA receives approximately $4.90 per full-time student and $2.65 per part- time student. Because these funds are collected from students, all expenditures must be approved by the College of Staten Island Association, Inc., a non-profit corporation that serves as the legal depository for student fees. The Association’s Board of Directors consists of elected students, representatives of Student Government, faculty, and administration.

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