WSIA is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to operate as a non- commercial, educational radio station at 88.9 megahertz on the FM band from a tower atop Todt Hill. WSIA is licensed to broadcast at a power of 10 watts. Because WSIA is a licensed radio station, it must abide by FCC rules and regulations. The rules and procedures outlined in THE BOOK are designed to keep WSIA in compliance with those rules. The FCC reserves the right to inspect WSIA’s operations, logs and files anytime it wishes. If anyone calls or contacts WSIA claiming they are from the FCC, or with a complaint or question in regard to the FCC, they must be immediately forwarded to the General Manager or Chief Engineer. WSIA’s license must be renewed every seven years. At that time, WSIA must show that it has operated in the public interest and will continue to do so.

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